YS Jagan - Nirmala SitharamanCentral Government seems to have taken a flipflop on Polavaram Project. Union Finance Ministry is reportedly pressurizing the State Government to agree for 2014 estimations of 20,398 Crore. It has served an ultimatum that the pending funds will be released only if the offer is accepted. According to the current estimates, the project will need 47,575 Crore for completion.

“Sakshi has published numerous articles about how the estimates of Polavaram were inflated solely due to Corruption. YS Jagan Mohan Reddy also made the same allegations when the TDP Government put forth these estimates. Now he loses moral ground to demand the same. Jagan’s Crimes in Opposition are haunting Polavaram now,” TDP leaders allege.

Andhra Pradesh Government which is in neck-deep debts can not afford to finish the Project if the Central Government gets off its responsibility. The Government is already struggling to give salaries and pensions. And there is this huge bill of welfare schemes,” a political analyst says.

Jagan had many opportunities to corner the Central Government when it needed the support of YSR Congress in Rajya Sabha but the Chief Minister never tried it. Every time BJP needed YSR Congress, the support is there unconditionally. So, expect for mere lip service, it is unlikely that the State Government can demand its share rightfully,” he adds.