Polavaram-Project-KCRTelangana minister Puvvada Ajay alleged that Bhadrachalam is getting flooded due to the Polavaram project being constructed by the AP government.

“The project is the reason for the recent flood situation in Bhadrachalam. Steps will be taken soon towards a permanent solution to the Bhadrachalam flood area,” the minister said.

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Ajay spoke at a media conference held at the Terasa Legislative Party office.

The minister also demanded that the seven Mandals merged into Andhra Pradesh, and the five villages next to Bhadrachalam should be merged into Telangana.

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“Those five villages will be far away from AP. The central government should think about this. They should table a bill in the parliament and merge the five villages into Telangana,” he added.

On this occasion, Ajay reminded us that we have requested many times to reduce the height of Polavaram.

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Telangana Rashtra Samiti always wants some anti-Andhra issue for the elections.

With BJP fast expanding in Telangana, TRS may be looking at Polavaram as an election issue, people are suspecting.

Helping their cause, AP Minister Botsa Satyanarayana went on to say they will also start demanding United Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad if that is the case.