Polavaram Just Progressed 1.46% In One YearAccording to central reports, the overall progress of the Polavaram project is only 1.46 percent for the year.

The latest annual report describes the percentage of work completed on the project by the end of November 2021. By December 2020, the total project (project works + Land acquisition + R&R) is 41.10% completed.

The project is only 42.56% completed by November 2021 which means just 1.46% in one year.

There is 4.06% progress in the headworks of the project (71.09% in December 2020 to 75.15% in November 2021).

Relief and Rehabilitation are the major works and expenses in Polavaram Project and it has been only 20.19% completed so far.

That means there is a meager 0.34% progress until November 2021 when compared to December 2020.

The numbers indicate that YSR Congress is making big claims but doing very little work on the ground with respect to the Polavaram project.