Supreme_Court_PolavaramThe YCP government has made it a habit to anger the Courts. They government is often in the firing line at the AP high court. This time, the Supreme Court itself is angry at the YCP government and this is in connection with Polavaram project.

On the 17th of October 2022, the Supreme Court ordered the AP government to pay Rs 24 crore in fine for not following the environmental guidelines in constructing the Polavaram project.

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But the Andhra Pradesh government hasn’t yet paid the fine which has now angered the Supreme Court.

“This isn’t a donation or a charity to give the money whenever you want. When you’re ordered to pay the fine, you’re expected to do it immediately. Send a report on the payment of the fine within two weeks” the Supreme Court reportedly told the government today.

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The court also warned stern action against concerned authorities if the fine isn’t paid.

Not just that, there a Rs 242 crore NGT penalty on the Polavaram project. The Supreme Court is yet o decide whether or not to impose this penalty along with the Rs 24 crore fine mentioned earlier.

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