Polavaram: No Work, Only New DatesYS Jagan Mohan Reddy Government repeatedly claimed to complete Polavaram Project by December 2022 but it’s been three months past that and Polavaram is no where nearing completion.

In the Governor’s address, the Government revised the completion date and now says the project will be completed by June 2023. That means fifteen months from now.

The Government also mentioned that the project is 77% completed so far. Interestingly, according to an RTI, the project works are 71.31% complete until 2nd June 2019 i.e., around the time Jagan came into power.

That means in the three years so far, Jagan Government has completed only around 5%. Even if we quadruple that work for the next two years, we do not see the project completing.

And we all know how much the government is committed towards Polavaram and how the government can financially afford to speed up work from here. So, the June 2023 promise seems to be far-fetched in all possible ways.

June 2023 means we will have less than one year for the elections. In all probability, we will see a new target completion date in the election manifesto.