Poes Garden Wears a Deserted Look After Jayalalithaa's DeathVeda Nilayam, 36, Poes Garden, Chennai – 60086. This is not just any address. It had numerous visitors passing to and fro on a daily basis. The building had heeded all the VIPs. Witnessed hundreds of meetings, conflicts, protests, applaud, silence, etc. It is Jayalalithaa’s home. The place where she spent the major part of her life.

But now after her owner left, it has become just a building, not a home anymore. No costly vehicles parked, no sirens no noise at all. Poes garden now after Jayalalithaa‘s exit is deserted and doesn’t look like the same as it was before. Totally deserted and left alone reflecting the absence of Amma. It looked like Jaya took all the pride and joy of this place with her.