NarendraAfter a long time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had addressed the people a short while ago, after a long time. While people have been expecting some strong steps to curb the spread of Coronavirus, Modi’s speech is confined only to telling some precautions and announcing the extension of freebies for the poor.

The Prime Minister had announced the extension of the free food scheme for the poor till the end of November. There is no mention of the scaling up of the medical infrastructure to combat the crisis and no steps to arrest the increasing number of cases. People of some states like Telangana are disappointed about the Prime Minister not intervening in the loss testing happening in their states.

There is absolutely no talk about how to revive the economy and create jobs. A few people expected the Prime Minister to talk about the ongoing standoff between India and China. They were expecting some crucial announcement after the Government of India announced a ban on 59 Chinese Apps operating in India. But that did not happen either.

Meanwhile, India registers 18,522 new COVID-19 cases, 418 fatalities in the past 24 hours, and the tally rise to 5,66,840, and the death toll reaches 16,893. The only bright spot is that the total recoveries are reaching 60% and the mortality rate being one of the least in the country.