PK's Telangana Survey: KCR To Say No to 40+ SittingsTelangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao faced the 2018 elections quite confidently.

Except for 5-6, all the sitting MLAs were given tickets and the announcement came much before the elections.

But things have changed drastically now. BJP is trying to establish its foothold in Telangana and is making quick inroads.

There is a hint of anti-incumbency as well in the KCR government.

KCR had hired Prashant Kishor‘s I-PAC to do the campaign for TRS. I-PAC had hit the ground and is doing surveys to ascertain the situation.

Sources say that the survey reports have suggested changing at least 33-42 sitting MLAs.

If KCR goes on to change all the forty-two, it means around half of TRS sitting MLAs will have to be changed.

Some of the ZPTC Chairmans will also get MLA tickets this time. To bring freshness, some leaders will take the backseat and push their sons or daughters into the fray.

I-PAC also reportedly suggested KCR consider going to early elections so that the anti-incumbency can be arrested.

But at the same time, it could also send wrong signals to people.