PK Fans Greedy: Want CM Seat as a Charity!Maharashtra politics have taken a new turn. BJP has announced Shiv Sena’s Eknath Shinde as the chief minister candidate. Now, a section of Pawan Kalyan’s fans here want a similar scenario in AP.

“Despite being the bigger party, BJP has given CM seat to Shinde. Even in AP, Chandrababu Naidu should orchestrate a similar thing by giving the CM seat to Pawan Kalyan if TDP + JanaSena alliance does happen. This will change the dynamic of the alliance,” Pawan’s fans on social media argue.

But what needs to be noted that Shinde is a proven politician with good experience in shrewd politics. He was in the No. 2 position in Shiv Sena. He is a big leader in Maharashtra with a strong image for himself.

Shinde grew from the grassroots level. He won the local body elections, municipal elections, won as an MLA served as a cabinet minister and is a big name in Maharashtra politics.

As for Pawan, he is yet to project himself as a strong leader. He does have good following in the youth but that accounts for very little in decisive politics. Pawan lost from both constituencies in 2019 and his party didn’t fare any better. Pawan is yet to attain mainstream political leader status in AP.

At this point in time, expecting the CM seat as a charity is way too greedy on Pawan’s fans part. Comparing Maharashtra’s situation with AP’s and asking for CM seat makes no sense.