PK Fans, At Least Be Thankful The other day, TDP Rajya Sabha MP Kanakamedala Ravindra Kumar in Rajya Sabha informed the house about how Andhra Pradesh Government is harassing Pawan Kalyan by bringing in a G.O. reducing ticket prices just when his film (Vakeel Saab) was released.

He told the Upper House how this move has disrupted the industry bringing all the movie releases to a standstill. An issue of Pawan Kalyan has reached Parliament. Janasena and Pawan Kalyan Fans should be happy about it.

But then, they are on overdrive on social media alleging that TDP is trying to be in the good books of Pawan Kalyan and wants an alliance with Janasena. In fact, it was about the entire film industry and a small clip has circulated on social media while the MP is referring to Pawan Kalyan as an example.

The criticism has come as an example of the Political immaturity of the Janasena Supporters. Whatever may be the intention, your cause is helped. Even the MPs of your alliance partner (BJP) did not do that. You can even skip saying Thanks but why do you admonish those who helped you? It’s time they learn to be politically correct.