pink-is-the-new-black-money-demonetizationPrime Minister Narendra Modi’s Demonetization is not yielding the results as much as everyone would like. From the last one week or so, there are several instances where some big fishes are getting caught with hoards of Black Money. Interestingly, they are being caught with huge amounts of the 2000 Notes released recently.

While the common man is struggling to lay hands to the new notes, these Black Sharks are getting them somehow very easily. That indicates there are flaws in the entire systems. Banks and even some RBI Branches in various states are involved in this mess.

When 2000 Notes were first introduced, people who pressed for big notes ban like Chandrababu Naidu warned that these notes can be detrimental to Black Money eradication and they are proving to be black. Maybe Pink is going to be the New Black.