Anna_Canteen_Addas_for_Illegal_Activities_in_Jagan_GovtThe previous TDP government used to run Anna Canteens which used to feed the poor for five rupees a meal. They have helped the poor big time.

But the Jagan government stopped all of them immediately after coming to power.

The buildings of Anna Canteens have been used as Village Secretariats in many places.

Some of them are left unused and now become addas for illegal activities. In the pictures here, we can see an Anna Canteen in Undavalli.

Empty bottles of liquor are being dumped at Undavalli Anna Canteen.

There are empty bottles outside and inside the canteen premises.

The buildings which have fed Lakhs of poor have become shelters from drunkards and miscreants.

It is a shame that places that satisfied the hungry of many as Annapurnas have become like this just because of petty politics.