Pawan Kalyan Fans Flexi Welcoming LokeshPawan Kalyan already gave hints about Janasena and Telugu Desam party alliance. Speculations are rife that behind the scene talks are going on to make this alliance possible.

Meanwhile, a section of Janasena’s followers online is not in favor of this alliance because of caste and film rivalry. But the ground reality seems to be different.

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But on the ground level, supporters and cadre members of Janasena are welcoming this alliance, and this flexi is proof of it.

In this Janasena flexi, it can be clearly seen Lokesh is given as much importance as Pawan Kalyan. This flexi was put up by Tiruchanuru Janasena supporters to welcome Lokesh’s Yuvagalam padayatra.

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Pawan had said recently as the date of the elections approaches alliances and combinations will be considered. He said his only concern is that votes shouldn’t be divided.