ntr-kcr-khammamTelugu Desam Party might not have a significant MLA count in Telangana but the party has a very loyal vote bank. The party’s vote share will indeed be consequential in case there is a close election.

Well, as it appears, the ruling party in Telangana, TRS is trying to get on the right terms with the Telugu Desam Party now.

Cut to now, a TRS supporter group flexi is catching the attention. In this flexi, we see KCR alongside none other than TDP founder Sr NTR. “Appudu NTR…. Ippudu KCR” the poster reads.

Not so long agho, when Chandrababu’s wife, Bhuvaneshwari was abused in AP assembly, many TRS leaders openly condemned it. They called out YCP leaders for crossing the line then. Recently, when a YCP activist from Khammam badmouthed Nara Brahmani and shared an offensive social media post on her, a few TRS leaders are learnt to have taught him a lesson physically.

People are now commenting that TRS is trying to enter the good books of TDP loyalists. The above mentioned flexi is being cited as a testimony of the same. The common talk is that TRS is indeed looking to bag TDP’s support and in turn their votes in the next election.