Nara LokeshNara Lokesh is at his aggressive best at his ongoing Yuvagalam Yatra. His public meetings are packing a punch and he is mocking Jagan in every possible way.

Cut to now, Lokesh has taken a sly dig at Jagan with his latest snap. He has mocked Jagan with the same.

In the pic, Lokesh is seen pointing at a price board in front of a petrol pump. He is seen pointing at the high prices on the same.

Andhra Pradesh has the highest petrol prices in all of India and this has presented a perfect opportunity for Lokesh to troll Jagan. “Andhra Pradesh is Number One in Petrol and Diesel Prices in the entire Country. Congratulations @ysjagan” Lokesh tweeted.

Moreover, this is a very public issue and hence Lokesh’s troll will connect with most people.

Through the course of the next 400 days of Lokesh’s Yatra, he is expected to mock and troll Jagan in funny ways, given the number and the nature of public issues in the state. Lokesh has more than enough anti-government content to work with.