Eenadu Cartoonist first Cartoon in Eenadu PaperCartoonist Sridhar is a legend. His cartoons have become an integral part of the lives of Telugu people. Wit, relevance, and appealing content are the biggest factors which works in Sridhar’s cartoons.

Here is the first cartoon of Sridhar for Eenadu Newspaper. It was published in August 22nd, 1981 which indicates more than forty years journey with the Newspaper and Telugu people.

We do not know why Sridhar used the word ‘Asthana’ in his first cartoon and since then, he has become the ‘Asthana Cartoonist’ of the most circulated Newspaper. He is more of an asset to Eenadu since then.

The cartoon is going viral on social media as people are remembering some of the best cartoons of Sridhar on various occasions.