Pic Talk: Brother Anil Kumar With TRS MLAFormer minister and TRS MLA Thatikonda Rajaiah has met YSR Telangana Party Chief Sharmila’s husband Brother Anil on Sunday. A picture of their meeting is going viral on social media. Information that this meeting took place in a place other than Lotus Pond.

YSRTP sources said that Rajaiah had been meeting Brother Anil Kumar on multiple occasions in the last few days. It is unclear whether the meeting was religious or political. Rajaiah was sworn as deputy chief minister after the 2014 elections.

But then in 2015, Chief Minister KCR sacked him in the wake of allegations of corruption against the health and medical department include irregularities in recruitment of para-medical staff and purchase of ambulance vehicles. He is not only the first Deputy CM of the new state but also the first minister to be sacked.

Since then, he has been not so active in the party even though he got a ticket and got re-elected.