Seoul Store - Kia Motors - Korean Super MarketFormer Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Chandrababu Naidu’s name is a synonym with Kia Motors Plant in Andhra Pradesh. It is the Single Largest Foreign Investment ever in the country and Naidu brought to the parched region of Rayalaseema.

Even after the Government change two years ago, it still remains the biggest investment for Andhra Pradesh after the state bifurcation. Along with the main plant, there are many ancillary units as well established to complement the production.

Kia is a South Korean plant. We have many employees from Korea who come to Anantapur to work in the plant. In the picture here is a Supermarket established exclusively for Korean employees. All the products available in South Korea are imported and made available in this Supermarket.

There are few restaurants as well established in the surroundings of the plant serving Korean dishes.