Petrol Prices HyderabadPetrol has breached the Hundred Rupees mark in Hyderabad creating an All-Time Record. On Monday, the petrol prices have increased by 29 paise a liter and Diesel by 31 Paise. That pushed Petrol Price to Rs 100.26 per liter. This is the first time the petrol has breached the three-figure mark in Hyderabad.

But then, many states in the country already reached the figure in the last fortnight or so. Interestingly, if we look at the breakup of the fuel prices, the actual cost of the Petrol is just around 35 Rupees, and the remaining Sixty-Five Rupees are of central and state taxes.

Ever since the Modi Government came to power, the central taxes are on an unprecedented increase. The Central taxes on petrol and diesel rose by 307% in the last 6 years with collections from petrol alone growing at 206% and diesel by 377%.

In actual terms, excise duty on petrol has gone up from Rs 9.48 per liter in 2014 to Rs 32.90 a liter at present. For diesel, the increase is from Rs 3.56 a liter to Rs 31.80 during the same period. The Governments are doing nothing to bring the prices down despite the common man being under tremendous pressure due to the dwindling finances because of the pandemic.