Perni Nani's Calculation Turns Into A Stroke?Perni Nani is one of the most vocal leaders in YSR Congress after coming to power. Being from the same community as Pawan Kalyan, he is always used against the Janasenani. As a result, he is popular on social media as well.

Nani has become a bit silent after losing cabinet berth but still talks every now and then. Buzz is that Nani will not contest in the coming elections.

Nani’s son Perni Kittu will contest from his father’s Machilipatnam seat. Kittu has been taking care of the constituency when his father was in Amaravati as the minister.

He is also doing Gadapa Gadapaku program on the behalf of his father. YSR Congress youth leaders are rallying with him.

His father is hoping that Kittu being in the people will help but that is proving to be counter productive. People are seeing him as someone enjoying his father’s power and enjoying his youth with bunch of youngsters.

The other day, people have revolted against Kittu in Gadapa Gadapaku program and questioned why the MLA did not come and who you are.