Perfect Vaastu for CM Office in Temporary Secretariat, chandrababu, andhra pradesh, amaravathiThe construction of Andhra Pradesh’s Temporary Secretariat in Velagapudi is going on at brisk pace. The CM office in Temporary Secretariat is being constructed as per perfect Vaastu. The CM office will be in South West direction. CM’s place in the temporary Assembly will also be in South West direction.

Some minor changes were made according to the instructions of Vaastu expert. The facing of the Speaker and Council Chairman’s place were also put in accordance to Vaastu. Earlier the facing of the Assembly is towards North but now it is changed to East, according to the advice of the Vaastu Experts.

According to the estimates, the construction of the buildings will cost 201 Crores. Another 100 Crores are need for beautification, furniture and interiors. The necessary water connections and power supply would need another 100 Crore. The government is adamant from running its administration from here totally from June.