YSRCP-Irrigation-Minister-Ambati-RambabuPolitical leaders especially those under the rule are synonymous with corruption. But to what extent they fleece the people sometimes surprises everyone.

There is a similar allegation against Minister Ambati Rambabu.

Parlayya and Gangamma live in Dasaripalem of Rambabu’s Sattenapally constituency. They live in a hut on the roadside. Their minor son lost his life in an accident. They were promised 5 Lakhs help for not making it an issue.

The amount was sanctioned but the local municipal chairperson’s husband demanded 2.5 Lakhs for giving the cheque. The couple complained the same to the Minister as they want it in full to marry their daughter.

To their utter belief, Ambati wanted the amount for himself. The couple narrated their tragedy in a video that is going viral on social media.

Making money from the family who lost a dear member is disgusting to the core. This is like ‘Sevala Meedha Pelalu Erukovadam’ as they say in Telugu.

The couple with the help of someone gone underground to be away from Ambati’s men. YSR Congress leaders are in search of them to get their statement changed.