People Will Think Pawan Kalyan As PichchoduPawan Kalyan‘s Rajahmundry tour has created a stir in Andhra Pradesh politics. The Government is trying to foil the tour by imposing strict restrictions on the party cadre. Pawan Kalyan was supposed to do Sramadhanam to repair a road at Balajipeta in Hukkumpeta.

Chief Minister Jagan’s close-aide and Advisor, Sajjala Rama Krishna Reddy made stern comments on the Janasenani. “If they want to fill potholes, they can. Roads will be laid after the rains. If someone fills potholes in rains, people will only see him as Pichhodu,” Sajjala said.

“Government has already spent 2,500 Crore on roads. They have been damaged due to rains. Another 2,200 Crore Rupees were earmarked for repairing roads. COVID threat is still here. How is it justified to do a rally with scores of people in attendance?,” he criticized.

“People’s health and safety may not be an issue for Pawan Kalyan but it is the top priority for us (Government),” Sajjala added.