YSRCP_MLA_Sudheer_ReddyYSR Congress MLAs are facing the heat from the public when they are going to the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

In the YSR district, MLA Sudheer Reddy was deposed by women.

The MLA participated in Gadapa Gadapaku program in Erraguntla and asked the people about the implementation of welfare programs in Maheshwar Nagar.

Women present there have started questioning the MLA all at once.

Paying no heed to them, the MLA walked away closing his ears. He just said all the problems will be solved even without listening to their issues.

Dr. Mule Sudheer Reddy won the Jammalamadugu constituency in the 2019 elections with a whopping 51,941 votes.

This is the position of the MLA despite winning with such a huge majority.

This happened on the day when the Chief Minister was saying YSRCP should target nothing less than 175 out of 175 seats in the 2024 elections.