MLA-Annamreddy-Adeep-RajAnnamreddy Adeep Raj is the MLA from YSR Congress in Pendurthi constituency, Vishakapatnam. He is a first time MLA and has become one at a very young age.

But then, Adeep Raj, however, is struggling to gain grip on the constituency even after being in power for more than three years.

Group politics are troubling the young MLA big time. He has a rift with Former President of Rural District, Chinnappala Naidu.

The MLA suspects that Chinnappala Naidu’s faction is intentionally creating trouble for him in the Gadapa Gadapaku program.

Chinnappala Naidu’s group says the MLA is cornering them with illegal cases. There are also rumors that MLA Panchakarla Ramesh Babu who defected from TDP to YSR Congress is eyeing Pendurthi ticket.

There are also corruption allegations on the Young MLA’s family. There are rumors in the constituency that he may not get another chance from YSR Congress in 2024.

It has to be seen how the MLA will battle all these averse conditions.