Hyderabad, Malaysian Flyovers Hyderabad, China Flyovers Hyderabad, Foreign Flyovers Hyderabad, Pay Use Flyovers HyderabadIf the plan of Telangana government in bringing Malaysian and Chinese firms on board for its 80,000-crore Strategic Road Development Programme to build skyways, multi-grade separators, multi-level flyovers and suspension bridges in Hyderabad, we may have to pay and use them once they are complete.

The companies reportedly put up a model in which users have to either pay and use the facilities or opt for free alternatives. This model seem to be inevitable as the state government wants the project to take off completely on investments and loans from private agencies. Most of these flyovers are planned in the heart of the city and can become a huge burden for commoners.

The Malaysian and Chinese firms will be coming down to Hyderabad the next month to finalise the MoUs for the project. They will sign necessary MOUs with the state government. Minister KTR is in favour of this ‘pay and use’ model but the state government is yet to take a call on the matter.