Pawan Kalyan, Pawan Kalyan Building Jana Sena Ex-PRP Cadre,  Praja Rajyam Party Cadre Joins Pawan Kalyan Jana Sena, Jana Sena PRP Fans Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan had made his intentions clear about foraying in to active politics. He is all set to go full thrust on Special Status issue in the coming days. On the other side, there are rumours about Pawan Kalyan’s background team getting in to work already for 2019 elections.

We are told that Pawan Kalyan’s men are in touch with some of the former PRP leaders whom Pawan Kalyan likes. Rumours are that Pawan Kalyan is also in talks with Ghanta Srinivasa Rao who is currently the HRD Minister in Chandrababu Naidu’s cabinet. Ghanta despite leaving PRP and Congress, maintains good relation with Mega family.

On the other side, wellwishers of Pawan Kalyan however warn the actor cum politician not to be in a rush to admit every one in to the party as that could backfire just like how it did for Praja Rajyam Party. Pawan Kalyan is the nearest observer of Praja Rajyam debacle and he is likely to learn his lessons.