After a successful launch of Jana Sena party, Pawan Kalyan is all set for the next huge gathering. It is learnt that the next gathering will be in Vishakapatnam. Pawan Kalyan is seemingly considering this meet only for the youth of the state to tell them about the current political state. Although only around six thousand people have attended the launch, around fifty thousand people are expected to attend this meet. Plans are being made to conduct the meeting within this week.

Pawan Kalyan is also looking to release the book, ISM, which he and his intellectual friend, Raju Raviteja have written. This book will contain the ideology of Jana Sena Party. The way of approach towards solving problems and bringing development will be a part of the content in this book. Even the party’s main goal will have its place, within. 25th of this month is the tentative date of release.

Jana Sena Party is working very hard to publicize themselves among the people and to expand itself. It is still not known if JSP will take part in the coming elections. Going by the current situation, it seems like many youngsters are in favor for JSP and are very motivated by Pawan’s speech. But how many of them, do you think, will lend their vote to JSP, if JSP participates in the coming elections.