Pawan Kalyan Varahi Pawan Kalyan’s specially designed rig-like vehicle Varahi managed to make headlines even before it entered the election campaign saga. YCP minister Gudivada Amarnath even implied Varahi might find it hard to roam free in AP as he said the vehicle is registered in Telangana.

Now, Varahi is set for its first tour, albeit not a political one.

The vehicle will be stationed at Sri Anjaneya temple, Kondagattu, Jagtial district for customary Pooja ceremonies on the 2nd of January, marking Ekadasi.

This vehicle is later expected to enter Andhra Pradesh as Pawan Kalyan will be extensively using the same for his political tours in the state.

The vehicle has been equipped with special lighting and sound systems. JanaSena troops say this vehicle has been prepared for worst case scenario as the YCP government has the habit of cutting power supply to the area where Pawan is touring. So the vehicle is equipped with self-lighting and sound system.

The plan is to use Varahi extensively in Andhra Pradesh elections campaign. The YCP government appears to be plotting against it though. So we should see how things turn out.