Pawan-Kalyan-Varahi-Vehicle-Colour-ControversyJanasena Party had readied a vehicle ‘Varahi‘ for Pawan Kalyan’s Andhra Pradesh tour. The vehicle looked like an army tank and is aptly painted Olive Green.

YSR Congress has got a problem with that as well. They brought out an age-old rule in Motor Vehicle Act which restricts the Olive Green colour to Military vehicles.

YSR Congress started attacking Pawan Kalyan on this and former Transport Minister, Perni Nani announced to the media that the colour is illegal and will not be allowed in Andhra Pradesh.

A YSRCP sympathizer even approached the High Court complaining about it.

This is just like making noise about nothing. Many vehicles use the same colour but the colour is not called olive green as restricted by the law. They are called different names like forest green etc.

Even a reputed brand like Mahindra has their Thar available in Olive Green colour. There are Jawa motorcycles available in the same colour plying all over the country.

Varahi will easily get registered with a different colour name in Telangana. Andhra Pradesh Government may try to create problems when it arrives in the state. In all probability, the issue will end up in court.