Pawan_Kalyan_JanasenaJanasena PAC Chairman Nadendla Manohar dropped another hint about the breakup with BJP.

Manohar stated that Janasena made three proposals as a part of the roadmap Pawan Kalyan sought from the BJP high command.

“Special Status or equivalent Special assistance for job creation, Center taking the responsibility of Amaravati, and stopping the privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant. We always made it clear that we can work together only if these three are done,” Manohar said.

“We never discussed political roadmap with BJP like seat-sharing etc. We are only bothered and focused on what will help the state,” Manohar added.

Even though Manohar did not make any adverse comments about the alliance. It is clear that BJP leadership did not care for any three proposals Janasena made.

It looks like the alliance between Janasena and BJP is reaching a breaking point. Manohar’s statement only gives more clarity on the party’s stance going forward.

It is known that BJP is contesting Atmakur By-poll but Janasena refused to lend its support to the BJP candidate.