Pawan Kalyan's soft Twitter warning to BJPSpecial Status fire is picking up in Andhra Pradesh after Center’s announcement the other day that the state do not need it. The political repurcussions of the statement already began in AP. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan also joined it with a soft warning to BJP via his Twitter account.

He went on to say Seema Andhra People did not and will never forget how the state bifurcation bill is passed in the Parliament by pushing out Seemandhra MPs. He termed Congress’ act as a grave mistake. He hoped that BJP will not do a similar mistake by going out of Special Status Promise. He called for all the MPs across party lines to fight for SCS in Parliament before people come on roads.

But the harsh reality and the tragedy for Andhra Pradesh is that Modi or BJP will not fear of Pawan Kalyan or Chandrababu Naidu right now as they have the numbers on their own. Also BJP did not have any stake in Andhra Pradesh and will not fear to lose that. But then the state is suffering due to the political games of the National Parties.