The next big public-meet of Pawan Kalyan as a leader of a party will be in Vizag as we all know. It will happen on March 27th at Indiri Priyadarshini stadium in Visakhapatnam starting from 4 PM. This will be a youth meet and the Jana Sena team has come up with a catchy caption as well for this. ‘Youth of the Nation-Fight for the Nation’ is the caption with which the party is coming to Vizag for their second meet.

It is at this meet the book containing the party ideology of Jana Sena too will be unveiled and released for public. The book was expected to release at a separate event independently but it seems that Pawan Kalyan and his team felt that release at a public event served the purpose well. The meet and Pawan Kalyan’s speech are keenly awaited now as it’s the follow up to the scorcher of an opener they got through the Jana Sena launch. Everyone is looking at them to see what will they come up with next, what have they up their sleeves now?