JanaSena_Pawan-Kalyan-Kapu-Community-PoliticsJanasena President Pawan Kalyan tried to be caste-less for a few years and he arrived at a conclusion that his own community did not connect with him as a result and that is the major reason for his loss in 2019.

With the 2024 elections fast approaching, Pawan Kalyan immediately changed the strategy. He is trying to polarize Kapu voters towards Janasena and is repeatedly talking about the community urging them to vote for Janasena to power.

There are doubts that this strategy will backfire on Pawan Kalyan.

Janasena is strong only in Godavari districts due to the presence of the Kapu community.

But then, there is a unique situation in these pockets. Kapus and BCs do not see eye to eye in these areas for some reason. If a political party tries to polarize or appease a section, another section gets offended.

For an instance, TDP tried to appease the Kapu community in 2019 by giving them reservations in the EBC quota. BCs who usually favor TDP turned opposite to the party and voted en masse for YSR Congress.

But in the case of Pawan Kalyan, if the Kapu community completely polarizes, this will be a risk worth taking.

If the polarization does not happen and Janasena loses the support of BCs as well, the party will be doomed.

So, this is a too risky gamble to be taken.