Pawan Kalyan's flawed stance in Politics?As we have seen in quite a few occasions in the past, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan once again appeared on Twitter out of no where and dashed couple of tweets about the Special Status. He advised the ruling and opposition party MPs to fight for it in Parliament before people going on to roads over the issue.

However this is not what people expects from a politician and a person who aspires big in politics. Pawan Kalyan keep on telling what others should do and is not leading by example in any thing. Further he is keeping himself busy in films, which portrays as if he is not responsible to anything or any one.

He already announced that he will come to full time politics an year or two before 2019 elections and will contest the elections. A feeling is already in the people, that politics only mean elections to Pawan Kalyan, not about fighting for them. Pawan Kalyan should revisit his stance immediately or it will be a danger for his budding political career.