Pawan Kalyan yet to Make a Single Right in Telangana

Pawan Kalyan yet to Make a Single Right in TelanganaJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan for some reason is giving a feeling that he is not interested in Telangana Politics. We have seen him fight only on AP related issues so far and even openly announced about shifting of his vote to Eluru. He appointed Party’s Telangana Incharge, Media Head and Telangana Party Affairs Coordinator but did little to stay active there.

The other day, in one of his Tweets, Pawan Kalyan even spelled Telangana wrong which created a huge backlash from the people of the newest state of the country. Until now, Pawan Kalyan is doing everything wrong about Telangana and perhaps he has no hopes on the state like the case of YSR Congress.

Pawan Kalyan with his extreme popularity in Nizam region can easily be an influential force in the area. But then he is committing mistake after mistake to spoil those chances. Its high time he sits down with his think tank and revise Jana Sena’s strategy for Telangana.

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