Pawan Kalyan Will Support Jagan in 2019: Former YSRCP MPJust Resigned YSR Congress Tirupati MP Vara Prasad has confirmed to the media that Pawan Kalyan will be supporting to the Main Opposition Party in the upcoming Elections in 2019. “I and Pawan Kalyan are good friends. He told me about supporting YSRCP,” Vara Prasad said.

“He told me supported Chandrababu because he is experienced and has no Corruption Allegations. But seeing all the corruption and inefficiency, Pawan has decided to support the Hardworking Jagan Mohan Reddy,” Vara Prasad said.

Vara Prasad also said that Pawan Kalyan stressed the Word ‘Hardworking’ while referring to the Opposition Leader. This revelation very much explains why Pawan Kalyan has become critical of Chandrababu Naidu recently. It has to be seen if Pawan Kalyan will endorse this statement.