Pawan-Kalyan-Will-Be-2024-CM---Mega-Brother-Naga-BabuAll the opposition parties have to wait for 5 years till the next election comes. The verdict of the public is out and those who lost must look back and reflect on the things that didn’t work out for them.

So, what is Naga Babu thinking? According to his latest video uploaded on his channel, the mega brother thinks that people wanted to give 2024 for Pawan Kalyan as he was always mentioned 2024 in his speeches.

So, as per Naga Babu’s analysis, Jagan has got the verdict because of sympathy votes. Naga Babu says, people were sympathetic towards Jagan because he lost previously in 2014 besides the added sympathy on YS Rahasekhar Reddy.

Now that Jagan has got his due, people are ready to give chance for Pawan Kalyan in the next elections in 2014, said Naga Babu as if people are giving chance to everyone, one by one.

It’s good that Naga Babu is skeptical, but it is necessary that they do some real ground work for building their cadre from the grassroot levels. Can they do it?

Naga Babu himself said that people thought Pawan may not be able to form the government if they voted him to power. If that is the case, shouldn’t he be focusing on that?