Pawan Kalyan Janasena Badvel ElectionJanasena President Pawan Kalyan never looked serious about politics after 2019 elections defeat. Even in the campaign of Tirupati By-election, it seemed like he is making a half-hearted attempt. However, he hinted at some seriousness right from the Republic Pre-release event.

He has become the center of the storm and then, two back to back public appearances (Mangalagiri and Rajahmundry) set the ball rolling for Janasena. But right there, Pawan Kalyan threw it off. He announced not contesting in Badvel By-election.

“As a mark of the respect for the departed MLA, Janasena will not contest the By-election. We urge all political parties to ensure an unanimous election,” Pawan Kalyan said. The reason Pawan Kalyan said is an excuse and fear of defeat or losing deposit is the actual reason.

But this is a Blunder. Janasena and BJP will lose Badvel but skipping an election will do no good. Janasena is weakest in Rayalaseema and Pawan Kalyan looks like wants to hide the weakness. If the disease is not treated and is hidden, the treatment is not possible. Skipping the By-election, Pawan will go back to film shoots squandering whatever little momentum the party has got.