Pawan-Kalyan-Lawyer-Meet-with-Sri-Reddy-Type-LawyersJanasena President Pawan Kalyan finally revealed the suspense of the day. He warned TV9 Ravi Prakash to release a video in a tone like he is going to unearth a massive scandal involving the TV9 Boss. Needless to say, it has become the talk of both the Telugu States. Pawan Kalyan finally released it a little while ago on his Twitter account.

It was an old video in which a person is seen handing over a packet to Ravi Prakash and touch his feet. The video was leaked many years ago and created a huge controversy back then. The person in the video is Ramana, who attacked Ravi Prakash at Kurnool and was begging for forgiveness. The person in the video also clarified the same in the media and the issue was closed back then.

While can not explain the authenticity of the episode back then but can only say Pawan Kalyan did not unearth anything new or sensational. Probably the backroom team of Janasena is not strong enough. It’s high time Pawan Kalyan should move on from this topic or fight it out in courts. This attack on Twitter is definitely not yielding the desired results. Having Said that all the anguish of Pawan Kalyan for what has happened is understandable.