Pawan-Kalyan-Twists-Special-Status-Issue-On-To-TDPJanasena President Pawan Kalyan who is under criticism for going soft on the BJP led Central Government alleged that TDP’s argument in the Parliament is very weak and feeble because they lacked the necessary moral fiber for Special Status demand.

Pawan Kalyan reasoned that this is because they had opposed, weakened and diluted the Special Status issue earlier because of their Special Package Acceptance. He went on to say that Janasena realized that it was not happening Two and half years ago.

“Do you want us to believe that you came to know about BJP’s cheating just now?,” Pawan Kalyan questioned. Pawan Kalyan’s Pot Shots are very much excited but then make such comments when the house is still discussing the No Confidence Motion is nothing but demoralizing the actual cause.

Pawan Kalyan is, in fact, weak and feeble in criticizing the BJP and is going strong on TDP at this juncture. In fact, even a hardcore hater like Undavalli took back at this juncture and decided to support the State Government but Pawan Kalyan took the other route.