Pawan Kalyan Trying to Prevent Credit for TDP?TDP has scored Brownie Points with the No Confidence Motion Speeches of its Young Guns – Galla Jayadev and Ram Mohan Naidu. Kesineni Nani’s Potshots on the PM right on his face proved that TDP has no fear of the Center.

The Public Mood is turning in favour of TDP, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan is continuously accusing TDP in the issue sparing BJP. All of sudden, he surfaced in the Capital Area and sat with the reluctant farmers.

He cursed the TDP Government for trying to trouble the farmers. If Pawan Kalyan is fighting for the reluctant farmers who hold around 1000 Acres, he is doing a grave injustice to the majority farmers who have given around 33000 acres voluntarily. On the other side, TDP leaders claim that Pawan Kalyan is just trying to prevent credit for TDP by diverting the issue to Amaravati.