Pawan-Kalyan-Trying-To-Divert-Attention-from-No-Confidence-MotionMinutes before Lok Sabha takes up the No Confidence Motion on Narendra Modi Government put up by TDP, Janasena President Pawan Kalyan tweeted his first response on the issue blaming TDP more than BJP for the Special Status.

While urging BJP led Central Government to grant the Special Status, Pawan Kalyan asked BJP not to punish the people of Andhra Pradesh because of the anger on the TDP. He quoted BJP and TDP in the same line saying they wasted the opportunity given by the people.

Pawan Kalyan also quoted a link about a tenant farmers suffering in Amaravati and TDP supporters accuse him of diverting the people’s attention from the ongoing issue. They also remind Pawan Kalyan demanding the No Confidence Motion and promising to garner support from MPs of the other parties and question what happened to that now.