Pawan Kalyan Trying for Compromise with News ChannelsJanasena President Pawan Kalyan during the controversy days alleged that he is ready for a long drawn legal battle on the Yellow Media in coming days. He posted his reply to Srini Raju’s legal notice and since then there is no update on that. He is yet to update Janasena followers about his action on the case filed by ABN and TV9.

Pawan Kalyan talked about legal action on the channels which he calls as Yellow Media but there are no reports of as such. Sources tell us that Pawan Kalyan had decided to backstep as he has no concrete evidence to pin them down. In the entire episode, the channels are only morally wrong for dedicating hours of Prime Time for the topic.

Also the video posted by Pawan Kalyan alleging that TV9 has aired Sri Reddy’s abuse. But the fact is that TV9 beeped the cuss word but Janasena team added the actual audio track to the TV9 video and Pawan Kalyan has made the allegations. This amounts to illegal tampering with the intention to malign TV9’s stature. Srini Raju has obtained a Forensic Lab Investigation report to substantiate his claims.

So Pawan Kalyan is in a fix here. We are told that Janasena is trying for a truce with the channels to avoid an unnecessary headache. The channels have already imposed an unofficial ban on Janasena news affecting the party. On the other side, Pawan Kalyan’s call for the boycott of these channels yielded no results.