Pawan Kalyan to Use Chandrababu Naidu's Success FormulaPawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena has started its groundwork silently for the upcoming Local Elections in Andhra Pradesh. Jana Sena cadre in the districts began framing booth committees. The work already began in East Godavari and the next on cards are the districts in Capital region.

The work in the Capital region will begin after the Sankranthi. The Organization of these booth level committees is extremely important for any party especially in local elections where the results will depend on the local factors and leaders. On the other side, Telugu Desam Party had all already enrolled 50 Lakh members in the ongoing membership drive.

Jana Sena is also keen on starting a membership drive. Going into masses with the creation of booth committees to prepare the cadre is an age old technique of Chandrababu Naidu during his starting days in TDP and Pawan Kalyan is emulating the same model.

Back then, Chandrababu used to remember the names of even party cadre who come from the interior and remote areas of the state and is said to be Naidu’s success secret. It has to be seen if this model will work for Pawan Kalyan and his Jana Sena as well.