Pawan Kalyan To March to Godavari Districts, Caution AdvisedJanasena President Pawan Kalyan has finished his Janasena Porata Yatra in Uttarandhra and will enter the Godavari districts from 16th of this month. Since Jagan’s Padayatra is in East Godavari, the Police department has asked Pawan Kalyan to have his Yatra in West Godavari to avoid Law and Order issues.

This is a crucial phase of Pawan Kalyan’s Yatra since Godavari districts are considered as the party stronghold. Pawan Kalyan’s own community. the Kapu Community is present in decisive numbers in the districts and so they are crucial for his electoral prospects.

But then, Pawan Kalyan has to be wary as Chiranjeevi himself lost from the Palakollu constituency of West Godavari. Five out the Eighteen MLAs PRP won back then are from the Godavari districts. Both the districts have given massive victory for TDP in the last elections.

The Yellow party got all the seats in West Godavari (One seat to its alliance partner BJP) and fourteen out of the nineteen seats in East Godavari (One more Seat to BJP). So, Pawan Kalyan should be taking this Trip very seriously and give his 100% here.