Pawan Kalyan Tilting Towards TDP?Elections in Andhra Pradesh are two and a half years away but there have been discussions already about the alliances for 2024 elections. Ruling YSR Congress is keenly observing the developments in TDP camp. YSRCP wants TDP to contest alone so that the anti-government vote divides.

At this moment, the party is sure that TDP and BJP will not ally but they doubt if Pawan Kalyan will severe ties with the Saffron party and join TDP. Pawan Kalyan is attending a Public meeting on 31st in Vishakapatnam against the Privatization of the Steel Plant.

YSR Congress believes this is the step of Pawan Kalyan towards TDP. Furthermore, Pawan Kalyan has sent multiple tweets this morning about Andhra Pradesh being a hub for drugs. YSR Congress believes that Janasena is trying to help TDP in this issue with these tweets.

It looks like YSR Congress is very much worried about facing a United Opposition. Probably the adverse surveys in recent times seems to be playing behind their minds even though they are trying to put up a brave face.