Pawan Kalyan Counter TDP Kakinada Sabha, Janasena Pawan Kalyan Fires TDP Kakinada Sabha, Pawan Kalyan Counter TDP Kakinada Meeting AP Special Status PackageJana Sena President Pawan Kalyan went ballistic on the BJP led Central government which deceived Andhra Pradesh without giving the Special Status. Pawan Kalyan during the 2014 elections, first extended his support to BJP and only after Chandrababu’s request, supported TDP as well.

But then, BJP itself went away from its word and foiled its relationship with Pawan Kalyan. In fact, BJP itself forced Pawan Kalyan on to itself. Pawan Kalyan who until now which is soft on TDP, served an ultimatum to the ruling party in the state to decide its future course of action on this issue.

“You just decide if you are going to accept that rotten Laddu (Special Package). I have put my life to support TDP in 2014 elections. Now, it is for the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to decide to uphold the self-respect of AP people,” Pawan Kalyan’s message to TDP is clear. In case, Naidu does not choose to pull out of NDA, TDP will be the target in the next meeting of Jana Sena.

Pawan Kalyan urged MPs and MLAs of all the parties to take the fight against the center. He urged them to fight for the self-respect of the people. “You have to fight. The day you say we can not leave it to us. Leave it to Jana Sena,” Pawan Kalyan said. He asked for MPs like Avanthi Srinivas to resign and fight for the cause. He promised to make sure that he and Jana Sena will win in the by-elections. The message is loud and clear.