Jagan_PawanYSR Congress is facing severe anti-incumbency. That is evident from all surveys from local to India Today’s Mood of the Nation Survey. But the ruling party is still in a hallucination that TDP can not win itself.

YSR Congress is underestimating TDP and is trying to put a brave face by saying the Cycle party can not win without alliances. According to surveys, TDP can win on itself but can decimate YSR Congress completely if there is an alliance.

YSR Congress and its ecosystem believe it can retain power if the alliance is foiled.

They want Pawan Kalyan to demand more seats or even be made the CM candidate to ensure that Chandrababu does not give agree to the alliance. Hence they are pumping air to Pawan Kalyan and Janasainiks by giving false hopes.

When the hopes are raised, they do not get satisfied by the original offer and the vote transfer does not happen or even the alliance does not happen.

If it happens and Chandrababu gives up on their demands, YSR Congress believes it can run over Janasena in all the seats it contests.

In the unlikely scenario of Pawan Kalyan as the CM candidate, the TDP cadre will give up and the election is already lost.

For now, Pawan Kalyan looks like only hope of Jagan.