Pawan Kalyan Targets Congress in 2014 and BJP in 2019 for AP?Entire Andhra Pradesh fumed in anger on Congress in 2014 elections. Just a day or two before the election day, there are beelines before the buses and trains in Hyderabad. All those people went to AP and voted against Congress which led the grand old party from the position of the Ruling party to a literal Zero seats.

That was an example of people’s anger and now Jana Sena President Pawan Kalyan wants to put BJP in the same. He seems to be keen on building people’s anger on the Saffron party just like how it was on Congress and make it the base issue for 2019 elections.

The Jana Sena President despite criticizing BJP on Special Status was soft on the party until now but then he suddenly switched gear and is also talking about issues like Cow Slaughter, Patriotism, and Rohit Vemula issue. These are serious issues and talking about them makes you completely averse to BJP.

However, this is not an easy task. Despite people annoyed with BJP going back on Special Status, Narendra Modi still enjoys huge popularity. The issues could not make an impact on the people despite the best efforts of Congress and other opposition parties. So, Jana Sena has a massive task at hand.